December 29, 2010

Eyeshadow + Fashion = ♥

It's getting more and more popular: makeup on the catwalk.
No matter which designer-label, everyone is putting amazing makeup on, especially eyeshadow.
And it looks GORGEOUS as you can see in the following pictures!




Isn't that pretty? Thank you Louis Vuitton (1), Viktor&Rolf (2) and Prada (3) for trying this great looks. My favorite by these three pictures is definetely Prada, but I like the other ones, too! (And by the way, the fashion also is great!)

December 28, 2010

Lady GaGa - The phenomenon

She's singing, performing, shocking, provoking!

I am talking about Lady GaGa.
She is shown in every TV-channel, in every magazine and is called on every website. She has thousands of haters, but -because LOVE's stronger- plenty of "little monsters". That's how she calles her fans. It's just an endless story. After being the Queen of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. she is called being the new "Queen of Pop". And this is showed by awarding events and shows, like the MTV's VMAs, EMAs, the Grammys, ...
She earns many nominations, for "Best Pop Song", "Best Artist", "Best Album", "Best Dance Song", "Best WHATEVER".... and gets a LOT awards.

This year (just a little sample):

  • VMAs: 8 awards (13 nominations)
  • EMAs: 3 awards (5 nominations)
  • AMAs: 1 award (2 nominations)
  • Brit Awards: 3 awards
  • World Music Awards: 5 awards
  • Billboard Year End Chart Awards: 6 awards
  • Grammy Awards: 2 awards
  • Vogue Magazine: 1 award
  • Time Magazine: 1 award
It's really just a short sample of GaGa's awards, but you can read throught the whole list.

After her albums "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" her fans cannot wait for "Born This Way".
She is working hard for her success, and so there's nothing elso to say than:
Lady GaGa, soon you're becoming Queen of the World!

xoxo Agnes

December 25, 2010


Rihanna is very successful this year. After songs like "Te amo", "Rude boy", "Love the way you lie" with Eminem, or "Only girl (in the world)", she published her 5th studio album "Loud" (released November 2010). On the album are songs like "Only girl (in the world)", "Raining men" a recording with Nicki Minaj, or "What's my name" with Drake. And, by the way, this year she had a fantastique fashion time. At the VMAs 2010 she had worn a wonderful dress and presented her x-th hairstyle.

After long and short dark hair, she had a blonde pony tail, a red pony tail, then she also had total blonde hair, curled hair and a red bob, and her latest hairstyle is red, long hair. She looks beautiful and elegant.

In her and Drake's song "What's my name" she is wearing really ugly stuff, it's just a fashion disaster! I was shocked, when I first saw the music video. But, I'm glad, it's just a music video!

On the cover of "Only girl (in the world)" she 'wears' an amazing dress. She's not really wearing this dress, as you can see on the picture. You see a part of her back, and one of her tattoos on it. The red d
ress by Marchesa, from the Fall 2010 collection, is really pretty.

Top10 x-mas

  1. Train - Shake Up Christmas
  2. Lady GaGa - Christmas Tree
  3. Rihanna - Who's That Chick feat. David Guetta
  4. 30 Seconds To Mars - Hurricane feat. Kayne West
  5. Shaun Baker - Hey Hi Hello feat. Maloy
  6. Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas
  7. Bon Jovi - Always
  8. Lady GaGa - Telephone (Alphabeat Remix)
  9. Ke$ha - Boy Like You
  10. Hurts - All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day
A few christmas songs, e.g my favorite this year: Train and their song "Shake up christmas". It's the latest Coca Cola © advertisement song.
Lady GaGa's "Christmas tree" is also a great song. And, i guess, the most popular little monsters christmas song :)
Even though I'm young, I know the song "Do they know it's christmas" by Band Aid. I like this song, it's amazing. And it's reminding me of all the suffering in the world.
"All I want for christmas is New Year's Day" is telling a sad story. But, although it's sad, it's a wonderful song. Great job, Hurts!

I wish you all a wonderful christmas time!

December 24, 2010

Merry X-Mas everyone!

Hello world!!
Merry x-mas to YOU all! I hope You have a great day!
xoxo Agnes

November 20, 2010

Wonderful Fashion Collection by Victoria Beckham

I was really surprised when I saw pictures from the New York Fashion Week.
Posh showed us a first-rate work! The Spring/Summer 2011 Collection! I really enjoyed watching the pitures from her Fashion.
The shapes of her dresses are very amazing. And something I like a lot: The colors she uses. It's just perfect! I never thought, Victoria's fashion will be such great! I can remember her Jeans Fashion about five years ago. But THIS is amazing!!

And here are some dresses of the SS11 collection:

Vote for Lady GaGa on

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vote gaga vogue's 'best dressed 2010'

Vote For GaGa!

TIME's 2010 Person of the Year

Hey Guys!

Attention!! VOTE for Lady GaGa!
COME ON MONSTERS ! LADY GAGA MUST BE #1 !! VOTE FOR LADY GAGA!,28804,2028734_2028733_2028726,00.html

top10 --- 19th November

top ten charts

  1. Tim Berg - Seek Bromance
  2. Wet Fingers - Like this
  3. Rihanna - Only girl (in the world)
  4. Adam Lambert - If I had you
  5. 30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens
  6. Soft Cell - Tainted Love
  7. Good Charlotte - Like it's her birthday
  8. Lady GaGa - Nothing on (but the Radio)
  9. Cee-lo Green - Fuck You
  10. Hurts - Better than Love

I'm really in love with Tim Berg's "Seek Bromance". The lyrics are a bit monotonous, but the song is a very happy, a very nice one. I really love it!

"Like This" by Wet Fingers is a great song for dancing.The refrain is special, but very amazing.

Rihanna's "Only Girl" is just on NO.3 today, but it has nothing to do with the fact, that it's not good. "Only Girl" is just a little bit 'old', but it's still a wonderful song.

Adam Lambert's new single "If I had you" from album "For Your Entertainment" is a really good one, with strong beats and his unique voice. I love it, this song is even better than "Whataya want from me".

Lady GaGa is in this top10 represented, of course. "Nothing on" is a fantastique song and the lyrics is amazingly.

All the other songs are very good, they're not the latest one's, but I like them a lot. Not as much as Lady GaGa songs, but they're great, too. So I picked them for my top10.

August 31, 2010

Vanity Fair with Lady GaGa

The Vanity Fair cover with Lady GaGa on it!
Did anyone notice that on the Vanity Fair cover Lady GaGa doesn't have the peace tattoo on her wrist???