April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everybody!

Hey everybody!!

Happy Easter!!! I hope you are all well and got a hundred chocolate eggs! ;)
And of course, I want to thank you for reading my blog!
Have an amazing day today!!

xoxo Agnes

April 21, 2011

Lip Balm *_*

Lip balm by Bobbi Brown "SPF 15"

I'm sure you know lip balm and have at least one stick (or tube), and I guess the boys have one, too!
But lip balm is not only a lip balm. I found some tips on the internet, what you can do with it as well! I tried it and it worked! You can also use lip balm to shape your eyebrows or to repair your lashes if they're broken (use a lipbalm with sunfloweroil and put it on when you go to bed; they will be strong and pretty after a few times of utilization). You can also use it as a grounding for lipstick or to fix your make up! If you want bright, strong shiny eyes put lip balm under the eyeshadow. The color will be brigther (looks like "wetlook")! This trick also make up artists use backstage at the shows of a lot (known) designers!
And there is one more advantage to own a lip balm (girls AND boys): It helps you if you have sunburn or gnat bites but also if you have dry, chapped skin or frizzy hair!

You can buy lip balm in different colors (also colorless ones are available), in different flavors and with different ingredients like several types of oil, beeswax or shea butter and also extracts from plants or fruits (e.g.: cocoa nut, rose, mint, strawberry, coffee, ...)
A lip balm I own and like most is "Cola Cola Vanilla" by Lip Smacker. It tastes deliciously!
And if you don't like Coca Cola Vanilla, there are also "Coca Cola Cherry", "Fanta", "Sprite", "Dr. Peper", "M&M's", fruity ones like "Watermelon" or "Strawberry Kiwi" or also sweet ones like cupcake-flavored, donut-flavored and cookie-flavored ones!

I hope the tricks I mentioned help you!

xoxo Agnes

April 15, 2011

Judas is released!


Today Lady GaGa released her new single (second released song from her album "Born This Way"), which is called "Judas". She wanted to release it on 19th of April, but as it was the same with Born This Way, Lady GaGa released Judas four days earlier!
The fact that she released it earlier is kind of strang because "Judas" was 'leaked' four days before it should really come out, and Judas betrayed Jesus four days before Easter! It seems that everything is so connected and symbolic.
The song is fast (130 BPM = Beats Per Minute), has a strong beat and in my opinion wonderful lyrics. I hope the video will be good, so it could be a "masterpiece" :)
And I like it a bit more than Born This Way, perhaps because it's new and (still) not that alien-like as for example the Born This Way video. So it's even more fantastic, and to be honest, I was not that exited for Judas but now I'm glad it has finally been released!

Lady GaGa posted a few things on twitter:

  • #PawsUpForJudas! I've learned love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a dead body.
  • Even After Three Times He Betrays Me.
  • NEW SINGLE JUDAS! GET IT HERE: http://tw.itunes.com/RgV. Monsters, thank you for inspiring me to write this song. Blood, Sweat + Jüdas.

Hope you like Judas and my last thoughts about it:
I'm exited for the video. I hope GaGa releases it soon!  :)

xoxo Agnes

April 14, 2011

Hallo... :)

This is a post especially for the German readers. (others will follow!)


Die Idee für diesen Eintrag gab mir ein Freund, der meinen Blog las, sich aber auch einen deutschen Post wünschte.
Deshalb will ich hiermit mal Michael grüßen :)

Was ich meinen deutschen Lesern mal sagen will:
Ich danke Euch allen wirklich sehr, weil Deutschland bei meinen Aufrufen (fast) immer auf Platz 1 ist! Ich hoffe, ihr findet Gefallen an meinen Themen und auch an meinem Blog. Wenn Ihr wollt, kann ich öfters mal deutschsprachige Einträge verfassen! Einfach mal Kommentar hinterlassen! (oder E-Mail an meine E-Mail Adresse schicken; die findet ihr unter "My Sites" > "about me")
Außerdem verspreche ich mir von meinen Aufzeichnungen über Themen wie Mode, Musik aber auch Neues aus der "Promiwelt", dass erstens jeder hoffentlich alles versteht und zweitens, weil ich meine Meinung mit Euch teile, dass Ihr so Einblick in die genannten Themen und in meinem "Kopf" erhaltet :)
Uuuund...ich bin von vielen deutschen Sachen inspiriert, d.h weil ich Mode designe und viel Anregung in Gebäuden, Werbeplakaten, aber auch in Landschaften finde. Außerdem werde ich auch von einigen von Euch speziell inspiriert, weshalb ich diese Personen in nächster Zeit in Einträgen erwähnen werde! Ich danke für diese außergewönlichen, aber tollen Inspirationsquellen!
So...mir fällt nun, um ehrlich zu sein, nichts ein, was ich Euch noch gerne sagen möchte.
Auf jeden Fall freut mich es sehr, dass viele Deutsche diese Seite besuchen.

Ich grüße alle mal lieb und bedanke mich bei meinen Lesern! Weiter so! :)

Und das find ich auch ganz toll:
Sorry für die schlechte Qualität. Und...hahaha Deutschland auf platz 1 mit 666 Aufrufen... :D

Agnes :)

April 12, 2011

Little Monster Claw Necklace

A couple of days ago I got an "offer" on Twitter. I was asked if I could write about a necklace on my blog. So I looked up the necklace and it's a pleasure for me to do this!
By the way, I really want to thank You, Anne, for making it possible for me to tell my readers about your necklace!

Some details about the "Little Monster Claw Necklace" they told me:

  • They made the piece pictured for Lady Gaga and gave it to her when she was in Salt Lake City for her Monster Ball Tour
  • They are inspired by her loyalty to her fans, her strength as a person, and her amazing ability to inspire everyone to be brave about who they are.
  • They love that Lady Gaga is helping Japan with her prayer bracelets and thought they would create a piece where ALL the profits go towards Japan, too. It's their way of supporting her & the world around us.
  • This neckwear is on a piece of black rubber.
  • The "Little Monster" claw pendant is 2 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide.
  • It is made out of 100% recycled eco-resin and is an amazing material that changes color with the light.
  • They also included this in an e-mail: "Many thanks to our friend & Lady Gaga's drummer Spanky for giving this to Lady Gaga for us."
  • For more pictures and product information click here!

If you want to have more information contact them:
or follow them on twitter: @ambreindustries


April 9, 2011

Top10 - 9th April

  1. Cheryl Cole - Parachute
  2. Katy Perry - E.T feat. Kayne West
  3. Britney Spears - Till the world ends
  4. Adele - Rolling in the deep
  5. Wet Fingers - Turn me on
  6. 3R - Black Cherry feat. Anna Montgomery
  7. Emily Osment - Lovesick
  8. Jay Sean - Maybe
  9. Sugarbabes - Get sexy
  10. Mando Diao - The new boy

"Parachute" by Cheryl Cole. There is a personal story of me behind the fact, why I love this song! When I'm listening to it, the song reminds me of my "new old love". I'm in love with the song and with him! But, of course it's not the only reason why I really love "Parachute". Cheryl has a wonderful voice, she looks really great and the vid to "Parachute" is very amazing! I love this song! ♥

Katy Perry's "E.T" (I know the song since a few weeks) is the 4th released single from "Teenage Dream" and it is as extraterrestrial as her "alien"! The video is fantastique! I love it really a lot, this is the new futuristic lovestory, and Katy is so pretty in that vid! First I didn't really like the parts with Kayne West, but after I saw the video... I don't know, a hundred times... I like the collaboration with him! You have to watch the video, it's really amazing!

In my opinion, Britney Spears in very popular right now. Since her song "Hold it against me" it seems like everyone just loves her. It's a nice song, yes, but "Till the world ends" is more special and wonderful. When I listened to it the first time I was in love right away! To be honest, I like it more that "Hold it against me"! Well, Brit, I can tell you, "Well done!".

Do you know Adele? I guess you do! She became super famous with her new song "Rolling in the deep". I didn't like the song former, but this changnately: now I'm in love with Adele's song! I cannot stop listenig to it, I love Adele's voice! It's worth listening to it, she is talented a lot!

I love watching Polish TV, because on the one hand I love Polish music and the songs which are played on those programs, and on the other hand there are showed the latest songs/videos even earlier than for example in other countries.
The reason why I am telling you this is that I saw the next two songs on Polish TV!

The first one is "Turn me on" by Wet Fingers. I also like "Like this" by them, it's wonderful! And "Turn me on" is a titlesong for a polish movie called "Sala Samobójców" (Polish Wikipedia; title means "Suicide Room"). I love the rhythm of the song, it sound kind of disco-like and reminds me of the summer! "Woahoaa...the way you turn me on!" Well, listen to it, it's amazing! :)

And the 2nd song is by 3R feat. Anna Montgomery (3R artists: Robert M / Remo / Dirty Rush). After "Shine on" they released their new single called "Black cherry". I have to confess, I know it a bit longer, but I still love it! It's very cheerful! And a nice vid! I just can tell that it's great!

Emily Osment, known from "Hannah Montana" (TV series with Miley Cyrus), is not only an actress. She also sings! The first song I heard from her was "Let's be friends", which is very nice. And last time I've listened to "Lovesick" (also on Polish TV). I'm in love with it, it's kind of techno-pop-spacy-amazing. And the video to "Lovesick" is very colorful! I became a bigger fan of Emily :)

What I sometimes really love to listen to are songs by Jay Sean. "Maybe" I know since my twinsister first had listened to it! Well...and I have to confess I really like the song, like a lot of other ones by Jay Sean. The video to "Maybe" is also great, kind of sexy. I just can recommend: Listen to it! And watch the musicvideo!

A few songs I always hear first time are played in advertisement spots. And through this way I know "Get sexy" by the Sugarbabes for a several weeks now. It's a really nice song, it's perfect for dancing, for example in the disco! My conclusion: Great rhythm, great voices! I like it!

The last song reminds me of a good friend, Jasmin. She really likes Mando Diao, and so I was looking for news about Mando Diao. I found a song, called "The new boy" and listened to it. In my opinion, it's a great song, a strong melody and I like the lyrics/meaning of the song.
And with this song I want to greet her!

Hope you like my Top10! See you soon!
xoxo Agnes