October 30, 2011

Nail Polish - N°2


I love to paint my nails black! It's such a fierce, but also precious color! And it looks both good when you have long nails or not! I'm really obsessed with black nail polish. As I was searching for images on Google I found a picture (I'll show under this) with black matte nails. It looks fantastique! But the only thing I don't like is black nail polish with glitter. I'm not a big fan of glitter nails :) But everyone has its own opinion, so buy the nail polish you like!


I absolutely love pink nails, because pink is my favorite color and it suits to every type of skin color! Just think of Nicki Minaj, Rihanna or Katy Perry, they all have different skin colors, but their pink nails look amazing! There are also a lot of shades, just like light pink, glitter pink, neon pink, baby pink, rosé pink, blush pink, intensive pink, dark pink, etc. (that are all names I could've imagine :D)! I ♥ PINK NAILS! 


Baby blue nails = LOVE! Nails painted in very light blue colors are perfect for a sun-tanned skin! It's just eye-catching. Your nails are gonna be the highlight of every outfit ;) And such colors are looking cute and fabulous, so you're going to fall in love with them! :) Look at those pictures:

So, I hope you like the pictures (source: google images and tumblr) and I'll show you more next time!
xoxo Agnes

October 25, 2011

Femme Totale ♥

Dita von Teese launched her new fragrance "Femme Totale"!

The 38-year-old burlesque star wrote on Twitter, that she was currently working with perfumers in the French countryside:
"Isolated at a chateau in the French countryside w/my perfumers"
Dita gave a hint on the scent, and told it's something really seductive and bold:
"No fruit, no vanilla, no candy!! Velvet sensuality w/a dash of vulgarity! I want to evoke passion with fragrance….intense love/lust and distaste/fear rather than merely popular acceptance."
She told WWD:
"What I really want to do is make my own fragrance. I don’t want to smell like anyone else. I have to talk to the smaller companies, because the bigger ones, like Coty, are like ‘Well, not everyone knows your name, like the Kardashians or Victoria Beckham."
Later on she said: 
"I don't go to the salon when I need to color my hair, I pull out my box of hair dye. I want women to understand that you don't have to have the glam squad to put you together"
Dita also thinks of making her own makeup line, that's what she said: 
"I want to do my own makeup line, because I feel like things are missing in the world . . . I'm constantly trying to mix up colors. Also, I mix my own body makeup. I love the idea of beautiful packaging for cosmetics."

I personally love the fragrance, it really smells seductive and sexy! 
xoxo Agnes