December 26, 2011

Metal X-mas songs - Top5

So, on the second day of christmas I want to post some metal songs for the christmas time. I found songs recorded between 1990 and 2007 by various artists. The idea I got indirect by some of my friends (thanks to Vanessa, Fabian and Andreas. This post I dedicate to them, 'cause they kind of inspire me :))
I hope you'll listen to them, because I really like those songs and I just can suggest them to you. (I made a playlist on youtube, so you can listen through some of the songs! Click HERE!)
  1. Manowar - Silent Night (2007)
  2. Iron Maiden - Another Rock'n'Roll Christmas (1996)
  3. Kamelot - We Three Kings (2000)
  4. Skid Row - Jingle Bells (2007)
  5. AC/DC - Mistress for christmas (1990)
In 2007 Manowar released their first christmas song called "Silent Night" in both English and German versions. It was free to download at the band's website. I have to say, it's not a song, I would expect from Manowar, but it's a christmas song called "Silent Night", so I think it doesn't have to be extra-loud. The first two minutes are more symphonic, along the lines of if Trans-Siberian Orchestra was covering the song. But up until the end it rather can be called a metal song. All in all it's a nice christmans song, which starts kind of normal and developes into a louder and more screamed one. I personally like it the most! :)
Iron Maiden released "Another Rock'n Roll Christmas" the year I was born (1996) :) I think, it's a great song, but it's a little bit to un-loud for a typical metal song (well, as I said about Manowar's single: it's christmas, so I guess it's okay to be a bit more quiet) and the lyrics are not that usual for metal songs. Although I like it, because the instrumental elements and the voice of Blaze Bayley sounds amazing!
As the third favorite song I got "We Three Kings" (2000), an instrumental on their first live album by Kameloth for you. It`s a pity, that this song is just a instrumental one, but I like it even though there are no lyrics. In my opinion it's a classic, symphonic song, matched with great instruments, just as guitars, electric guitars, basses, etc. and with a good melody.
"Jingle Bells" by Skid Row (2007) is a song for metal-lovers at christmas time. I like the electric guitar-played parts and the whole instrumental thing. The voice of Johnny Solinger makes the song more 'metally'. But all together it has almost the same lyrics like the original version of Jingle Bells, and it's not a very special metal christmas song.
In the song "Mistress for Christmas" by AC/DC from 1990's "Razor's Edge" album Brian Johnsons voice really sounds great! It's rather a slow and not that loud song, but this way the voice comes out better. The only critical thing: AC/DC end with the lines "I wanna hear you coming down my smoke stack / I wanna ride your reindeer honey and ring the bells" which sounds (in my opinion completely) weird.

I hope you like some of the songs, or at least listened to them after reading this article! :)
xoxo Agnes

    December 24, 2011

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    I wish you all a wonderful christmas time and lots of presents! ;)

    Hope you enjoy this day and celebrate it with your family and friends!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
    xoxo Agnes

    X-Mas-themed Top10

    Woohooo! It's Christmas! I wish all the people, who read my blog a merry, merry christmas! On the occasion of this very special day I put together a Top10-list, according to christmas. So have a nice weekend and here you got some suggestions of what you can listen to! ;)
    1. OneRepublic - Christmas Without You
    2. Lady GaGa - White Christmas
    3. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You feat. Justin Bieber
    4. Mando Diao - Christmas Could Have Been Good
    5. My Chemical Romance - All I Want For Christmas Is You
    6. Sara Bareilles - Love Is Christmas
    7. U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    8. Gabriella Cilmi - Warm This Winter
    9. Simple Past - Christmas List
    10. Michael Bublé - Christmas
    The first song (I fell in love with the live version) is by OneRepublic and is called "Christmas Without You". One Republic released their first christmas single this year (on iTunes on November 21) and wrote on their Twitter:
    "putting final touches on our Christmas song- we went old school, doesnt sound like ANYTHING we've done. we want it timeless. Crosby, sinatra"
    In my opinion it's a slow, lovely song representing the need for people at christmas time. I watched the live performance at National Christmas Tree Lightning 2011 and Ryan Tedder's voice sounds so good with this song. It gives the right christmas feeling and the lyrics fit to almost everyones feelings missing someone important (like their parents, somebody very close, like sisters, brothers, girl- or boyfriend, etc. ...) so I think it's a beautiful christmas song. I love it! :)
    Do you know a x-mas song by Lady GaGa? Yeah, I still can remember "Christmas Tree" (exclusively premiered on Perez Hilton on December 2, 2008, features Space Cowboy, digital download released December 16, 2008) but the song I am aiming at is GaGa's new single "White Christmas", a cover version of Bing Crosby's holiday classic with some added lyrics by Lady GaGa, released on November 26, 2011 on her new album ("A Very Gaga Holiday", including three more tracks). I just heard the live version, but it's amazing, fitting to a wonderful christmas feeling. You just get a feeling of chilling while eating christmas cookies, drinking some hot chocolate and listening to GaGa's single. It's totally different to "Christmas Tree", but GaGa still put some naughty, nice lyrics into the latest song. My opinion: x-mas feeling for everyone! ;)
    I'm listening every December to Mariah Carey's classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You". But this year I heard the new version featuring Justin Bieber first of all and I'm amazed. It fits more linto the modern time, because it's a household song, but features Justin Bieber, the main attraction for little girls and teenagers. So it's a perfect re-performance of the song, which kind of unites the parents with their children! I really like the duet of the two!
    The next song I've heard on German telvision. It's "Christmas Could Have Been Good" by Mando Diao. It's a pretty song, the melody sounds kind of familiar to me, I don't know why. The instrumental part is rather simple, but I think that fits better to the origin meaning of christmas (compare with N°6). I didn't liked the begining of the song when I've heard it the first time, but after I listened to the whole song, especially the refrain, I find it is amazing, I really like Mando Diao's new single!
    The fifth song is just the same as the third one, but with one exception: it's sang by My Chemical Romance and it's a total different music genre. I just found it on YouTube, as I was searching for christmas songs. I think it's a nice, rocking christmas song, which is more different that Mariah Carey's version! But it has still the same lyrics, so it's just Mariah's message wrapped into other instrumental and vocal elements. Listen to it, if you like it more rock!
    Sara Bareilles also released a x-mas single this year, called "Love Is Christmas". It's slowly, combined with her quiet voice it sounds wonderful and in my opinion it just represents the origin, plain meaning of christmas (symbol: love; 'christmas as a religious ceremony'). I really like this single :)
    The next one is "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" by U2, released in 1967. I actually love this song, even if it's 24 yrs old. The lyrics are really lovely and great and I like the melody (and of course Bono's voice sounds incredibly amazing!). So maybe you already know it, and if not you can listen to in on YouTube! 
    So we're up to the next single, and I think I already mentioned it last year or on the site "music" (left sidebar) a few months ago. It's "Warm This Winter" by Gabriella Cilmi, a song I could listen to every December! It's a rythmic one and it's faster than the average of christmas songs (actually it's not a specific x-mas-themed song), but I still get a holiday feeling (and it's the only song title on the list, which bares no "Christmas" :D)
    On the ninth place I put "Christmas List" by Simple Plan. I was listening to my Christmas CD and found it. I still like it, 'cause it's a nice song with kind of funny lyrics, and the electric guitar solo is amazing, but I know it since 2009, so it just got the ninth place. Anyway, it's a nice christmas song!
    Song N°10 is called "Christmas" (guess, I've heard this word enough already :D) and it was released by Michael Buble this December. His unique and great voice really fits to the song and the lyrics are quite nice. I know a few other christmas songs by him but this is the best one I think. It's still not that great as the former nine songs, but I like it anyway! :)

    Have a Merry Christmas!
    xoxo Agnes ♥

    December 3, 2011

    Karlie Kloss ♥ VOGUE Germany

    Karlie Kloss is the model in Vogue Germany for December 2011 issue. She presented the eastern inspired fashion by some designers, such as Gucci, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Chloé, and others. She styled in gems and floral accessories. This American model shows off the mature side in a sophisticated side, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski.
    The pictures are very sexy, natural, pretty, etc. The makeup is beyond amazingness, it's really great, eye-catching, colorful! The fashion she wears is wonderful, elegant, quite simple, but extreme strikingly and colorful! I just LOVE the photoshoot!
    Here are some of the photos

    xoxo Agnes