May 29, 2012

Splendid Shorts ♥

My new love this season are: dyed, frayed, studded shorts! They look amazing! If I don't find them in a store, I'll try to make them on my own! I already started doing them myself because I had old jeans, but I don't have dye so it has to wait.
So I saw them on a page on Facebook and I fell in love instantly! They're just a must have this summer! ;) Do you like them, too?

I already read through a few DIY posts on other blogs and it really seems easy to do it. When you like them, too, search for a DIY post on the internet and start making your own shorts! Be creative, you can make them like you want, look for ideas in the pictures above! :)

xoxo Agnes

May 25, 2012


With these sunglasses you are in-style and in-cognito this summer!

Sunglasses by Fendi. They're fantastique. I'm in love.

xoxo Agnes

May 20, 2012


I love buying clothes and donating the money or a part of it to an aid program. About two weeks ago I got my H&M order of the Fashion Against AIDS Collection (I bought the sunglasses, a white tank top and a very colorful skirt!) and 25% of these proceeds ware donated to an anti-aids organization.
So to hear about the new collection by Tommy Hilfiger really made me happy! 100%, so all of the proceeds will be collected and donated to Millenium Promise, a charity organization that supports the Millenium Villages. TH already gathered 2 Million US-$. But not only the idea of donating the money is great, the clothes are amazing, too! I love the pattern, the different colors, just everything about the collection is wonderful! I really hope to get a piece when I'm in Berlin, I really really hope that it won't be too late then! :)
Below are some pictures (I do not own any rights, all credits go to Tommy Hilfiger)!

Doesn't it look fabulous?
xoxo Aga

May 17, 2012

Nail Polish - Spring

(sources: google images, tumblr,

To be fashionable in this season you should either paint your nails pastel or neon! And so I decited to make another Nail Polish post, this time with shades for spring.


This color is always eye-catching! If you have an outfit which is rather simple, nails in neon yellow can enhace it! I personally don't like yellow, but if it's that bright and lightning it looks really good! Even some celebrities like Katy Perry, Rihanna or Gwen Stafani have neon yellow painted nails!

Katy Perry's nails


It's one of the new fashion colors for Spring/Summer and I really love this shade! It's pastel, it's fresh, it's gorgeous! I guess it would look great if you wear some mint or pastel and have your nails polished in mint! Furthermore it really matches with soft pink lips.


Electric blue is a fierce, pretty color and it matches to lots of outfits with blue jeans! I personally like this color because it's a darker one, but it's bright and shining! The color in the first picture is a stronger one and the second shade is rather a metallic one!

Hope you like it, girls!

xoxo Agnes

May 14, 2012

Be fashi♂nable

I already wrote a "Be fashionable"-post for women, so here is one for men!

I really like that outfit! Blue sunglasses (the ones in the picture are by Oakley, the color should fit to the jeans), a red checked shirt (I love such shirts, they look really amazing!), a black leather belt (the one in the picture above is by Louis Vuitton), blue denim trousers which should be very tight (the ones above are by Levi's) and black leather sneakers which suit to the belt (those in the picture are by Louboutin, I think, don't know it anymore). It looks amazing, doesn't it? I love it! You can choose other brands, of course, and other colors, but the colors should match! So feel free to comment on this post and tell me your opinion about this outfit! :) Hope you guys like it!
xoxo Agnes

May 10, 2012

Shoe-Mania ♥

The fashion colors this season are pastel and neon ones! It doesn't matter if it's mint, neon yellow, soft pink, electric red or baby blue! You can mix these shades with black and pastel colors especially with metallic accessoires, but you can also wear a complete white or black outfit or anything not that special and shine with pastel/neon colored shoes/high heels!
Here I got a few examples of shoes you can wear, and I hope you like those! You can look them up below :)

  1. I personally love grunge boots, they look quite fantastic if they're kinda destroyed. But those boots in pastel colors are just beyond beauty! You can wear them to black tights, a long black shirt and wild hair to have an eye-catching effect or to leopard fur printed tight jeans, a pink t-shirt and a turquoise waistcoat to match the outfit. Anyway, these boots look good to any kind of clothes!
  2. These are platform wedges by Aldo. Tbh, I don't know this brand, but I found these high heels on google and just fell in love with them! I really love the lilac and the neon yellow ones, even though I don't really like yellow. You can take such colored wedges for a evening dress when you can't find any matching accessoires. They give you a boost of self-confidence and extra hight! Let the evening blast! :)
  3. Three platform suede sandals in peach, lilac and mint by Steve Madden. Very nice for a summer day in an airy dress when you're about to shopping! For example you can wear a white silk dress (white is a great shade to combine with these colors!) or a vivid one (you can try yourself with color blocking!)! Such vivid sandals are absolutely a must for hot summer days this season!
  4. Three pumps in almost the same colors as the ones above, but these shades are a lot paler! The pumps I've seen at, but I can't tell if they're still available. So you can wear these ones for example when you are at a date with your boyfriend or ven when you meet with your girls. Wear a fancy dress or a cute overall and you'll be the fashion queen!
  5. Four different colored Jeffrey Campbell platform high heels in light yellow, pink, blue and green! I adore JC high heels, the shapes and the ideas of the shoes are amazing. So these high heels I would wear at a special event, just like a wedding of a friend, the graduation of a friend or yours, a shopping tour with yourb est fríends in a big city! But try to keep your outfit simple, so you don't look like a exotic bird :)
  6. The last picture shows strappy platform high heels by Giuseppe Zanotti, which are in my opinion very cute and fashionable. They have a very wonderful platform that nearly looks like a wedge heel and the colors yellow, soft pink, mint and black are color-blocking and matching at the same time! I like those ones :)






xoxo Aga ♥

May 7, 2012

Be fashi♀nable

I've just put together a nice, elegant and fashionable outfit for you, girls!

This would look fantastique, wouldn't it? I really love such blouses made out of silk or satin, chiffon, etc., and this skirt is amazing (how do you call these in English?)! Those high heels by Yves Saint Laurent are just beyond beauty! So... I picked cat eye sunglasses (these one above are Cat's Eye Acetate 4103 by Louis Vuitton), a golden ring in the shape of a feather, a rosé/nude blouse (the one in the picture is by Tara Jarmon, it should be a tight one so it fits to the skirt), a black wide skirt with lace and wedges in black and gold (the ones in the picture are by YSL). Of course, you can pick other shapes and other brands! The skirt and the blouse make the outfit look formal, but with the accessoires it looks fashionable, cute and cool! Do you like it?
xoxo Agnes

May 1, 2012

Top10 - Dance Fever

You can obviously dance to every song, whether it's slowly, fast, or rhythmically. Here are ten songs you can play at a party, which make you and others dance all night! But sorry, these songs aren't the very latest ones.
  1. Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro feat. Don Omar
  2. Nicole Scherzinger - Wet
  3. Patrycja Kazadi - Go Crazy
  4. Alexis Jordan - Hush Hush
  5. Basshunter - Saturday
  6. Pitbull - Blanco feat. Pharell
  7. Lady Gaga - Judas
  8. Dev - Bass Down Low
  9. Enrique Iglesias - Tonight (I'm loving you)
  10. Far East Movement - Like a G6 feat. Cataracs and Dev
Since April 30, 2011 I know "Danza Kuduro" by Lucenzo & Don Omar through my sister. At first I didn't like it, but after listening to it a houndred times and watching Fast And Furious Five at least three times I love it! You can dance to it very good and it gives you a summer feeling plus it's cheerful! Absolutely amazing!
"Wet" by Nicole Scherzinger is also great, it has an amazing rhythm and of course I love the lyrics! At the chorus you can freak out and dance really wild and at the verses you can dance together with your boy-/girlfriend and maybe flirt a bit ;) It's a hot song, so girls, make the boys go wild!
"Go Crazy" by Patrycja Kazadi already starts very rhythmic and cheerful and this lasts the whole song. It's a typical club song and also the lyrics are party-like! I once heard it on Polish TV and since then I love it! Worth listening to it at parties!
One of my favorite songs by Alexis Jordan is "Hush Hush" (tbh, I don't like a lot songs by her). It's a nice song for dancing boy plus girl together at clubs because it isn't that fast but it still has a good rhythm.
I really like "Saturday" by Basshunter (I didn't even know this song's by Basshunter :D), it's a great party song, you can dance to it, it's cheerful and you can sing it because the lyrics aren't that difficult! One of my favorite dance songs!
A very good song for dancing boy plus girl or for flirting while dancing is "Blanco" by Pitbull and Pharell. A very Pitbull-like song, latino-style, which you can play at beach parties at the evening. I like it!
"Judas" by Lady Gaga is one of the fastest song I ever heard (read my Judas post for more information)! It has 130 bpm, and this is an advantage for eye-catching dances in front of your friends. You just need to be good and know a few steps and choreographies ;) Have fun with dancing to it!
"Bass Down Low" by Dev is a really amazing song, and the vid is also great! The song's very rhythmic, a good basis for dancing! Let the song float into your blood and you'll get a feeling of dancing! I personally like this song and it's a great one for parties!
For the ninth song I would prefer the former version, but because of the word "f***ing" I won't post it here. So, I like the vid, the song and of course the lyrics (it's obviously that "loving" is meant in a different way, like the way I already wrote)! I could dance (funny, you can mean "dancing" also in another way, the same way as before :D) to it all night! And you? ;)
"Like a G6" is a really cheerful, party-like song and I like it, even though it's old. That's why it still got the 10th place, but only the 10th one. A few days ago I just got the feeling I wanted to dance, as I listened to it! :) Oh and it's by Far East Movement, Dev and Cataracs!

Be inspired by these songs and put together a personal list for your next party, maybe with some of these :)
xoxo Agnes