June 30, 2012

Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!

Tomorrow I have to wake up really early and then I'm going to Berlin! It's going to be so great! And well, I thought I could make a post about the things I'm taking with me :)
Here are a few things I'll take with me, such as clothing, cosmetics, jewellry etc.

That's my suit case with clothing, cosmetics, a bag, hairspray, hair shampoo, cleanser, tonic, etc. :)

A few things I'll take with me, there are a couple more things I forgot to photograph. On the picture there are: Face tonic, apres ski lotion, hair shampoo, showering gel, hairspray, deodorant, sth against mosquitos, and baby whipes to put my make up off :)

Some makeup, I forgot the powder. I won't take a lot with me, because I guess, I won't use a lot :)

One of my outfits: Bustier by H&M (read the post below, it's shown there) and a tight skirt as well by H&M

A dress I'm going to wear at the musical in Berlin. It's called "Tanz der Vampire", translated "Dance of the vampires" :)

Another outfit. Black basic tank top, it's by NewYorker. And my Fashion Against AIDS skirt by H&M! :) 

Some of my jewellry, I won't take all my jewellry, because I don't want to lose a piece and I don't need everything.

So these are a few things I'll take, tbh. I have like three more outfits but I couldn't take a picture anymore. And of course it's not everything, but I showed you the most important things. I'll perhaps post some OOTD posts within the next days, so read my blog regularly :)
I'm really looking forward to Berlin!
Have a great night/day and see you later, guys!
xoxo Aga

Last Friday Night

I decided to post more personal stuff about me (like several haul- or maybe OOTD-posts, ...) because I noticed that I never really write about me but for example about artists, designers, singers, etc. Of course I always try to add a own opinion to it but you never read/see anything ne me. That's why I'm going to do this "Last Friday Night" thing I found on another blog (I cannot remember which one it was -_-) at least once in a month, I think, provided that you like it. :)
So it's a list of things I did last friday night, and yeah, I'm going to start!

Seen: Dior commercial ad
Read: GRAZIA magazine
Heard: Whistle by Flo Rida
Done: Slept :D
Drank: Ice tea
Thought: About thoughts
Wished: My June Wish :)
Annoyed by: Love
Excited by: Love
Clicked: Hundreds of blogs :)

xoxo Aga

June 27, 2012

Bustiers & crop-tops ♥

The latest obsession of mine are crop-tops and bustiers. They show up in the fashion business more and more, and labels like Versace, Dolce and Gabanna or Miss Selfridge do design those little cute bodices. You can wear those with high-waisted jeans, shorts or skirts but also above basic, plain tank/tube/neckholder tops to give them a special effect! I personally own two bustier tops since June 22nd, and I really love them! Below I gathered a few pictures of bustiers and crop tops with the ones I have :)

  1. Floral print bustier top by the H&M Garden Collection
  2. Crop-top by the H&M for Water-campaign; 25% of the revenue is collected to help poor countries (I own this one, it's really pretty!)
  3. Green bustier top by Dolce & Gabbana with white flowers on
  4. Studded denim bustier by House Of Dereon
  5. Pink/brown bra top by H&M
  6. Black bustier with asian floral print by Versace for H&M
  7. Light blue crop-top by Miss Selfridge
  8. Dolce and Gabbana stretch silk charmeuse bustier top with leopard fur print
  9. Beige crop-top by Topshop with red flowers on
  10. Cockatoo-colored denim crop-top by Topshop
  11. White Miss Selfridge crop-top with golden studs
  12. Topshop crop-top with black vertical stripes and floral print
  13. Marc by Marc Jacobs dark blue silk bustier
  14. Bustier top with strawberry print by H&M (I have this one, too, it looks so wonderful!)
  15. White bustier with colorful flower print by Miss Selfridge
  16. Yellow bustier by Alexander McQueen
  17. Grey wool crop-top by TopShop
  18. Colorful horizontal stiped bustier top by the Fashion Against AIDS campaign for H&M

I love all of them, I'd like to have the FAA/H&M (18) bustier top, too, because it matches to my FAA skirt which I also bought! Tell me in the comment below if you like such tops and which you like from the ones above!

xoxo Aga

June 26, 2012

Dear lovely readers, ...

I'm sitting in school, reading a few blogs I just found aaand I wanted to say hello to my readers ;)
Thank you all for more than 13700 views, I do appreciate it.
Well, tomorrow I'll write a new post and then one more in a couple of days when I'm going to Berlin! I'm really looking forward to it, I want to see as much as I can. Of course I will go shopping whenever I'm allowed to and well, after the trip I'll post a haul about all the things I bought and with some pictures I took.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog!
xoxo Aga ♥

June 22, 2012

Coloroes are my new love!

("Coloroes" = colorful + shoes)

I'm really in love with multicolored shoes, no matter if they're high heels, sandals, wedges, flatforms, creepers (Oh my gosh, I love them!), flats, lace up shoes, etc. They just match very well to rather simple, not that colorful outfits, and therefore they're also eye-catching! With "colorful/multicolored" I mean every type of pattern with three or more colors in, like floral print or zig zag pattern, with sprinkles or splotches, stripes or polka dots. As long as they have a couple of colors on I call them coloroes :) Nice name, isn't it? I invented the name myself! Perhaps (hopefully) it will be a professional fashion term one day.
I'm going to show you some pictures of such shoes so you can get an impression of what I mean. Of course you can look for similar (or even the ones in the pictures) when you're shopping next time! You can combine them with simple clothing, just as non-eye-catching, black, denim, ... clothing (I hope you know what's meant) or you can mix it with even more different patterns and stand out in public (If you want to do this, you really need to know how to mix patterns, so be careful!). The idea for this post I got while I was reading GRAZIA. In this magazine there were shown several outfits and like three of the models have worn really colorful shoes and I fell in love instantly! I couldn't find these shoes on the internet, but yeah, I found a few other pretty coloroes :)
Below the pictures I'll put some information about the shoes!

  1. verity jane flatforms from the ASOS collection, with flower print, a platform and a strap in the level of the ankle
  2. Giuseppe Zanotti multicolored textile sandals with pink heel and colorful straps around the foot
  3. very cute Indecent Obsession pumps with polka dot platform, heel and bow and strawberry-rose pattern
  4. red multicolored Jeffrey Campbell wedges with colorful patterned horizontal stipes
  5. sandal wedges by MadelineGirl with exotic but natural floral print
  6. lace up multi canvas by OfficeMatch with colorful splotches and a white platform
  7. colorful Steve Madden Winonna Bright Multi strappy sandal wedges
  8. strawberry/sprinkles patterned lace up by Indecent Obsession
  9. eye-catching multicolored Yohji Yamamoto sneaker with black sole and shoelace
  10. Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels with black heel
  11. TomsStrappy wooden wedge with colored and white straps
  12. platform heels by GUESS with colorful flowers, polka dots and leopard print
  13. Zigi Soho pumps with flowerprint and animal patterned heel and platform
  14. rather simple but pretty Madden Girl zig zag pumps
  15. Steve Madden Whisttle wedges with multicolored stripes, similar to the Jeffrey Campbell wedges above
xoxo Aga

June 16, 2012

Aga goes Berlin!

I am so excited to visit Berlin in about two weeks! I will post a bit then and yeah, I'd love to see everything, but I will be there for just like three days and it's a trip organized by my school and I will go there with my and another class. I hope I will have time for shopping :D Do you have any suggestions where I should go (maybe some stores)? Perhaps I'll write a haul post after this trip to share my purchases with some information, for example where I got it, how much it costs, etc. :) So I'm going to post about it next time in two weeks at the earliest.
xoxo Aga

June 9, 2012

Underwear & Lingerie

This is a post about underwear for women and men. I got this idea from a good friend, and I asked him what he wants to read on my blog, because I do not post enough for boys. He replied, that I could write something about lingerie, and yeah, so here is the post! Thanks for the inspiration, Julian! :) And I post this today, because it's his birthday!
Happy Birthday, Julian! :) xx
So, I really like undewear from Triumph. I know this brand for a long time (is it known anywhere else, too?), and since a few months there are "Perfect Shaping" collections, which are really pretty. Also Victoria's Secret, the most popular lingerie label in my opinion, does have very pretty underwear. And they also have the hottest models! For boys I like Alexander McQueen, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein underwear. The ones by McQueen are kind of eye-catching, while the ones by Tommy Hilfiger, I find, are more everyday pieces, but still good-looking! So below I put some pictures, and I'll write some information under the pictures! :) Hope you like the underwear!

Candice Swanepoel for Victoria's Secret, some sweet lingerie
Lily Aldridge for Victoria's Secret, sort of bridal lingerie

skull boxers by Alexander McQueen
nice brown patterned shorts by Alexander McQueen

a piece of the David Beckham collection for H&M
a flower print bra with oil cookies by H&M, I have this one, it's very comfortable

very wonderful lingerie by Nikolay Bojilov
colorful shorts by Calvin Klein

black lace lingerie by Triumph
sort of bridal lingerie from the new Triumph collection

white shorts by Hugo Boss
colorful, checkered boxers by Tommy Hilfiger

xoxo Aga

June 2, 2012

Dries Van Noten Men FW 12/13 Runway Show

I've seen this show on Fashion TV (I loooove Fashion TV!) and I instantly liked it! Tbh, I never heard of that label before, so I decited to just watch the runway show. It's one of the Paris Men Fall/Winter 2012/13 shows and if I were a man, I would surely wear these clothes! As artists were painting a white wall with different shades and designs, the models came in and gave the whole atmosphere a bright, colorful look! Paisley prints and squiggles covered the canvas. It is a very contrast, patterned, kind of simple but elegant, comfortable, vintage but really fashionable collection with eye-catching accessoires, new shapes and very beautiful faces of the model industry! The designer of DVN called the collection a mix of Oscar Wilde and Frank Zappa. I personally love a lot of these outfits, particularly the black jackets, the colorful patterned trousers and the magenta colored pullover! Below are some of the looks (no rights reserved to these pictures). As you can see the most used color is black, but it's mixed with these nice, colorful patterned trousers or jackets or blouses! The shoes are really fantastique, I do like the cognac/brown color! Hope you like it! :)

xoxo Aga