May 29, 2013

50 (Random) Facts About Me

Hello! I'm sorry that I did not update my blog with proper posts lately, but here is a new one again and yes, I also want to do the 50 facts about me "tag", which you might already know since YouTube users are uploading videos about it. Besides that I can hopefully show you more, new aspects on who I am and what I like/dislike! By the way, my sister's at home again! Enjoy it! :)

  1. I was born in Poland and since I am three years old I have been living in Germany. I love both countries, but Poland is the place for me to feel home.
  2. I am 17 and my birthday's on Earth Day
  3. I have four siblings. One twin sister (I am actually 2 minutes older), one big sister and two big brothers. 
  4. I love mathematics. Therefore I want to study this subject and maybe (hopefully) I will be successful with it!
  5. My mobile(s) is always on silent.
  6. I am blogging for now more than three years and I love it! Best activity to do whenever I have nothing to do.
  7. High heels are gorgeous, I want to buy thousands of pairs!
  8. I dislike gym class at school, but I like to work out.
  9. I really like music. Not only the rhythm, or the melody, but I like the lyrics and the background/meaning behind the songs.
  10. I adore The Pretty Reckless + Nirvana. Nothing more to say.
  11. I always go to school even when I'm ill, I just don't want to miss any lesson.
  12. I love coffee and tea.
  13. I get upset really fast when someone's canceling a date/meeting/etc.. Ideky.
  14. I like to eat cake dough when my mom's baking cakes :) It sometimes even tastes better than the baked one.
  15. I have two twitter accounts because I like to get to know new people all over the world.
  16. I'm designing and drawing in my spare time. It would also be an option for me as a career.
  17. Trees are beautiful in my opinion. :)
  18. Since May I am trying to go jogging 2-4 times a week and eat healthier to again look shaped and toned (I am not satisfied with my body at all).
  19. I am a big fan of Metal, Alternative and Grunge. But I actually listen to all kind of music genres except folks. So I also listen to R'n'B, Pop, Hip Hop, Techno, ...
  20. I've got the Latin proficiency certificate.
  21. Every time I eat unhealthy food I feel bad.
  22. My blog is my life.
  23. I hate love. It is disappointing.
  24. I do not like my feet, I do not like feet in general. They're weird.
  25. I want to get a lot tiny/small tattoos all over my body. They are going to be marks with a special meaning to me.
  26. I miss missing some people I used to know.
  27. I love watermelons *-*
  28. I would like to have a couple of piercings, for example more earlobe piercings, helixes and forward helixes, a Monroe, Nostril and a Navel piercing.
  29. I am a very shy person. I don't like being in the presence of people.
  30. Minecraft is my favorite game, it is so wonderful!
  31. I'm always chewing gum.
  32. I do not like spelling mistakes even though I also do them (mostly they are typing errors).
  33. I love riddles. Besides I see myself as a riddle, too.
  34. I started this blog because I was alone on my 14th birthday and had nothing to do.
  35. Whenever I have the opportunity I love to dance wild. I just like to be me and I don't care what others say!
  36. I hate it when my hair does not smell well.
  37. I like the smell of cigarettes.
  38. I love the smell of mango. I have a body lotion and a body mist with mango aroma.
  39. "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy sounds like it was written just for me. The lyrics totally fit to me...
  40. Basically I am a rather sad, not always happy person, but I like to hide it behind my mask.
  41. I'd love to bleach my whole hair and dye it with different colors then.
  42. I'm addicted to blood and bones. Below you can see my collarbones, I want them to be more eye-catching!

  43. I have a dirty mind.
  44. There are a few people on this earth who are more than important to me.
  45. I have a crush on somebody right now.
  46. My real name's Agniezska.
  47. Songs which describe my feelings are my fave ones (mostly the ones by The Pretty Reckless).
  48. I want to be thinner. Not skinny or anorexic, just thinner.
  49. My glasses have -8 to -8,5 diopters.
  50. I am literally addicted to LipSmacker.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

xoxo Aga

May 23, 2013

Photo Shooting N°. 1

Well, as the headline of this post already tells this one is about a photo shooting I had and it was the first one ever. I had a lot of fun with the photographer. She also goes to the same school as me and I know her since a few weeks. She told me that she needs photos for school because she takes part in a photography project group and yes, this sounds interesting to me, so this one is not going to be the last shooting! Another positive point in this photo shooting was also the fact that she's using a professional camera (one by Canon) and that's way better than me taking pictures with my mobile phone!

I have one thing to confess after seeing those pictures she took. Or maybe two: I never thought that my legs look so thick in jeans and I have a weirdly strange expression/smile.

Anyway I want to share some of those photos to my readers (that means YOU!) and here you go:

tank top: New Yorker | jeans: Nina Carter | lita plateau ankle boots: Belle Women | ring: Claire's | wristband: Essence | bangles: H&M | ear studs: H&M | glasses: Easy Eyewear

Soon I will post some more photos and of course, this will not be the last photo shoot, but I am going to work out more to look better and to get thinner legs. I really dislike my body now that I've seen those pictures :D

Stay tuned! By the way, I am less than 100 views away from 38k! Thank you so much!

xoxo Aga

May 21, 2013


~ You never know how much a person means to you until they're far away from you. ~

This post is dedicated to my two minute younger twin sister. I love you.

My twin sister just drove away to the airport because she's going to go to Hurghada by plane in a few hours. Actually I already miss her. I mean, she is my other half, my better half and I can't stand being without her. ☹ Unfortunately I have to be able to take one week without her which will probably be the worst week ever. I haven't missed her so much for a long time, I don't even know why. Maybe because I always knew when her or I was on a trip I never left Europe, but now she's in Egypt and this is way too far away. Anyway I hope that she's having a great plane journey and an incredible week in Hurghada. I'm looking forward to the pictures she takes and of course to her skin which is for sure going to be the total opposite to mine!

xoxo Aga


May 13, 2013

Best Blog Award ♡

This post is going to be bilingual because it is especially for the German readers, but of course, I don't want to deny my readers all over the world this content. I'll start with German and below there will be the English translation!

Hallo liebe (zum Großteil) deutschsprachige Leser,

wie einige von euch es schon kennen, geht es hier um den Best Blog Award. Ich muss zugeben, ich hatte bisher noch keine Anfrage dazu erhalten und habe mich heute, nachdem ich von der Schule heimgekommen war, sogleich an mein Notebook gesetzt und mein E-Mail Postfach durchstöbert, als mir der neue Kommentar zum vorhergehenden Post aufgefallen ist. Und dort hat mir TiaMel die erfreuliche Nachricht mitgeteilt, dass sie mich für den Best Blog Award nominiert hat. Und nur wenige Stunden später kam die nächste Einladung, diesmal von Tessi. Am 20. Mai kam sodann die dritte Nomination, und zwar von Hope Ma! Finde ich von allen drei sehr nett, deshalb danke danke danke, ich fühle mich äußerst geehrt! ♥ :)

Die folgenden Regeln sind zu beachten:

  1. Poste deine Nominierung mir dem "Best Blog Award" Bild und dankt mit einem Link demjenigen, der dich nominiert hat.
  2. Beantworte die 11 Fragen.
  3. Tagge 10 weitere Blogger, die unter 200 Leser haben.
  4. Sage den Bloggern Bescheid.

Ich komme auch gleich zu den Fragen:
  1. Wann und warum hast du deinen Blog gegründet? - Das war, soweit ich mich erinnern kann, an meinem 14. Geburtstag. Ich bin (alleine) zuhause gesessen und hatte kurz davor eine Zeitschrift gelesen, in der "Blogs" vorgestellt wurden. War damals wohl so ein Trend uuuuund ich fand das so faszinierend, dass ich beschloss, selber einen solchen Blog zu schreiben. Fertig war er! Aber ich habe erst viel später mit dem Bloggen angefangen.
  2. Hast du ein Vorbild für deinen Blog? - Nein, ich bin jemand, der alles spontan und ohne ein wirkliches Konzept entwirft. Natürlich habe ich mittlerweile eine Art Konzept, denn mein Blog ist im Bereich der Themen sehr facettenreich und auch die Gestaltung ist eher unordentlich (wie meine Gedanken) und genau das macht meinen Blog aus!
  3. Verfolgst du viele Blogs? - Ohh, ja, viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiel zu viele :) Aber ich finde alle Blogs, denen ich folge, wundervoll!
  4. Seit wann interessierst du dich intensiver für das Thema Make-Up und Beauty? - Ich hab ehrlich gesagt keine Ahnung. Ich denke, das kam bei mir so im Alter von 13/14 Jahren, wobei das damals vermutlich noch sehr schlimm aussah :D
  5. Welche Produktmarke hat dich am meisten überzeugt und warum? - Nun ja, ich mag Manhattan, da die Schminke zwar preiswert, aber in Gegensatz zu anderen günstigen Marken trotzdem eine gute Qualität aufweist. Von den etwas teureren Marken mag ich Inglot, genauso polnisch wie ich :)
  6. Hast du eine Lieblings Lippenstift-/Nagellackfarbe? - Schwarz auf Nägeln und ein seeehr dunkles Blutrot auf den Lippen. Ich habe einen Hang zu dunklen/blutroten Farben :)
  7. Welchen Kussmund-Abdruck hinterlässt du auf Papier? - Also beschreiben wird da schwer, ich habe ein Foto gemacht, zeige ich nach den Fragen!
  8. Deine Wohnung steht in Flammen und du hast Zeit 3 Beautyprodukte aus den Flammen zu retten. Welche sind das? - Puder, Parfüm und Haarshampoo.
  9. Worauf kannst du beim Shoppen eher verzichten? Schuhe, Kleidung, Make-Up, oder Schokolade? - Am ehesten verzichten? Das ist dann wohl Schokolade, ich esse nicht gerne Süßes ohne es danach zu bereuen.
  10. Lippenstift oder Lipgloss? - Ich denke Lipgloss :)
  11. Ich verlasse das Haus nie ohne...? - Eines meiner beiden Handys, Kaugummi und meinen mp3-Player. Nicht sonderbar viel.
Mein Kussmund

Und hier die zehn Blogs, denen ich den Award weitergebe:


Schaut doch auch mal bei diesen Blogs vorbei, mir gefallen alle, sind natürlich alle total verschieden :)


Hello my dear readers,

so this post is, as I already told above, a Best Blog Award one. I never thought of being nominated, but today I've got even two nominations. I got home from school and immediately I checked my e-mail inbox and got the first one by TiaMel. She left a comment on the post below in which she told me that she had chosen me for the award. So I instantly started to write this post and while I was searching for blogs to add I got another comment. Tessi also awarded me. On May 20th I got another nomination by Hope Ma! I really appreciate this, I never expected to ever take part in this and therefore I want to thank them all really really much! Thanks! ♡

There are four rules:
  1. You have to add "Best Blog Award" picture (the first one above) and thank the one(s) by sending them the link to this post (that is at least what I think I understood by rule 1).
  2. Answer the 11 questions.
  3. Tag 10 more blogs which have less than 200 followers.
  4. Tell those bloggers about their nomination.
Here are the answers to the questions:

  1. When and why have you established your blog? - I guess it was my 14th birthday. I was sitting (alone) in my room and I've read a magazine where some blogs were introduced. I think it was a trend back then and I was so fascinated by this idea so I also set up a blog! My blog was born! Actually I started to publish posts several months later.
  2. Do you have an inspiring example for your blog? - No, I don't have one. I started my blog rather conceptless and since then it developed into a own concept. I like to have a multi-faceted blog whether it is about the topics or the design. I am a spontaneous person and so are my posts.
  3. Do you follow many blogs? - Ohh yes, I do, but they are all so gorgeous and wonderful!
  4. Since when are you really interested in makeup and beauty? - Well, I think it started at the age of 13 or 14, I am not sure. Of course it looked worse back then than it looks now!
  5. Which brand convinced you best and why? - Manhattan is quite a great brand. Even though it is inexpensive but still of relatively high quality in contrast to other "cheap" brands. And I love Inglot. This brand is just as Polish as I am :)
  6. Do you have a favorite lipstick/nailpolish color? - Yes, I'm obsessed with black on my nails whereas I love very dark blood-red on my lips. I have a natural tendency towards dark/bloody colors.
  7. What lipshape do you leave on paper? - I cannot describe it, but I added a picture of them above :)
  8. Your apartment is in flames and you have only time to take three beauty products with you. What are they? - Face Powder, a fragrance and hair shampoo.
  9. Can you rather do without shoes, clothes, makeup or chocolate? - Definitely without chocolate, I cannot eat candy without regretting it after.
  10. Lipstick or lipgloss? - Rather lipgloss.
  11. I never leave the house without...? - One of my two mobiles, chewing gum and my mp3-player. That's not a lot.
And last but not least the blogs I want to nominate:


I hope you liked it and don't forget to click those blogs! FYI, they are all very various. They still are wonderful!

xoxo Aga