_about me_

Welcome to my blog again!

I am a green-minded girl trying to inspire others to live a eco-friendly life. I was born in Poland on April 22nd, 1996 which is apparently Earth Day. That's basically what my life is about. Caring for our only planet is my kind of purpose. Currently I am living in Bavaria, Germany.

My mind is severely twisted, I am suffering from a few mental illnesses and I like to rather live in the past than in the present. I share my life with two beloved human beings. One of them is my twin sister KayKay. I love her to the moon and back, she means a lot to me. KayKay is the only relative who I can always count on. Besides this sweetheart I also have a boyfriend. We have been through good and bad times and I do not regret anything regarding my relationship. Unfortunately I had to move out from his parents home and he is still living there. So, right now I am living on my own, and let me tell you - this is hella hard! I have two lovely black kitties by my side and they really help me get through the day.

I still have not decided what to do as a career, but it might be a job in media or science, so I am focusing on that. After having to discontinue studying maths and astrophysics at the FAU in Erlangen in 2015 I am now again searching for a study, but this time as a dual form of it. This means I am hopefully finding a company willing to educate and pay me parallel to a study at a university.

Reading  books is my absolute favourite hobby to spend my spare time. Further I like to surf on instagram, listen to music, especially metal, alternative, grunge, indie and modern country/hippie music (this may probably not be a proper term, but I hope you know what I mean by that), and I love to study new topics around science. Reducing my ecological footprint is one of my main aims and I am definitely going to share my experiences with that on here.

xxxx Aga

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